Women’s Hope Workshop

Project description:

The aim of the project is to prevent women relapsing in Tanzania who have been in treatment for drug addiction. There are many reasons for relapse, however, we identified through our conversations with the women and through our previous experiences from the local environment in Zanzibar, that the lack of opportunities after treatment has ended often results in women returning to drugs. Furthermore, many of the women have children and without any income and lack of support from their families it becomes difficult for the women to establish a life for themselves and their children after treatment has ended. Hence, many of the women return to their old environment, which in turn can make them return to drugs. The workshop gives them the opportunity to start a new life and helps the women to integrate back into society. During the workshop, which takes place in Stone Town in Zanzibar, the women learn new skills and can sell the items they make. The accomplishments they make in the workshop, gives the women a feeling of success; they acquire new skills and are able to provide for themselves and their children. The workshop is solely managed by the women.


The workshop was implemented on June 2013 and ran until January 2015, where it was put on stand-by. The workshop is still on stand-by because the existing rehabilitation center for women in Zanzibar do not live up to the standard of Rising Hope, which means that there is no foundation for an aftercare project. The workshop will reopen after the rehabilitation center is established, where the need for aftercare and relapse prevention again will be a prerequisite.