Treatment and rehabilitation for female drug addicts in Tanzania

Project description:

The opportunities for treatment for female drug addicts in Tanzania are almost non-existent and lack innovation. The reasons for this can be partly explained by the lack of recourses, but also the stigma that female drug addicts experience in Tanzania.

Rising Hope will therefor together with our partner The Light of Miracle establish a rehabilitation center, with capacity for 12 women. During the first year different methods of treatment and rehabilitation will be tested, evaluated and adjusted, why only 6 women will enroll in this preliminary time period. The knowledge and experience we gain through this period will be the foundation for development of strategy for drug treatment and rehabilitation of female drug addicts in Tanzania. The knowledge and experience that The Light of Miracle gain will also enable them to develop future initiatives to further improve the conditions for female drug addicts in Tanzania.

The different treatment and rehabilitation methods that will be tested are among other; individual counselling, group therapy, the 12-steps program and classes in different subjects such as health, relapse, family relations, HIV etc. Exercise and body therapy will also be part of the treatment to regain respect for their body and self.

In Tanzania, there is not the same kind of safety net that there is in the so-called “Western world”. After treatment has ended, many of the women do not have a home, nor a job, which is why we have formulated a discharge strategy. Throughout the treatment there will be an empowerment approach. In every part of the process we seek to give the women a feeling of success. To make them feel in charge of their own life, making them aware of their rights and in turn help them to become independent. As part of the discharge strategy we help the women find a home, a job or education before they leave the rehabilitation center. There will also be an emphasis on family counselling, to those women who want to be reunited with their family. Furthermore, many of the women are mothers, but have left or neglected their children due to their drug addiction. This aspect puts a lot of pain and stress on the women, which is why as part of the discharge strategy, we want to reunite the women with their children. The steps in the strategy are long and difficult but will have a great impact on the lives of the women and their children. To prevent relapse and strengthen the community of former female drug addicts, the center will host monthly events and regular check-ups on discharged clients. As part of the treatment, the women will give lectures in their local communities which will also contribute to the prevention of drug addiction.


The funds for the project is secured through CISU and preparations for the project started back in 2015. The project duration is 13 months and starts on the 1st of April 2018.