Organization of the local project group and examination of the political environment

Project description:

The aim of the project is to organize a local project group consisting of former female drug addicts in Tanzania. The first step is to develop the capacity of the local project group in order to become resourceful, independent and strong enough to register as an official civil society organization. This will contribute to ensure their rights are upheld and protected. The women are all former drug addicts and have a desire to help other women to fight drug addiction. Most of the women have been working in Women’s Hope and volunteered at different treatment centers in Tanzania. The capacity building of the local project group will ensure that the women themselves can manage Rising Hope projects in Tanzania starting with the rehabilitation center. The project group will simultaneously focus on performing advocacy to create awareness of drug addiction in Tanzania. The other element of the project is to examine the political environment in Tanzania with the aim to obtain an official license to establish and register a rehabilitation center for women in Tanzania. To achieve this aim, different methods are used, such as networking and meetings with different partners and government institutions.


The local project group is established and organized with Noor Ntisi as local manager. The project group is ready to implement and manage Rising Hope future projects together with Rising Hope. The process to register as a Civil Society Organization has already started. After intensive advocacy in Zanzibar since June 2015, we have decided to establish the rehabilitation center in Dar Es Salaam and not in Zanzibar. The local project group has worked for one month in Dar Es Salaam and has obtained an official license to open a rehabilitation center for women.