Organizational capacity building of partner in Tanzania

Project description:

This initiative is an extension of the activities in 2015. The project group, we have been working with since beginning are now officially registered as an NGO in Tanzania – Dar Es Salaam with the name The Light of Miracle. The Light of Miracle lacks basic organizational capacity to function as a NGO. There are different purposes to develop and strengthen The Light of Miracle NGO:

  1. The Light of Miracle will act as a community for all women in Tanzania affected by drug addiction, either as active drug addicts, in recovery or struggling to stay clean after treatment. By creating a community for the women they can inspire, motivate and help each other.
  2. Another purpose is to empower the women and the NGO to perform advocacy and seek influence on the political agenda on drug addiction treatment for women in Tanzania.
  3. The capacity building will ensure The Light of Miracle’s independency and enable them to develop and implement projects in the future without the help from Rising Hope or others.

The organizational capacity building will we done through classes, training and practice. Especially practice will be the main method.

The following subjects will be included in the program: Governance, Human Resources, Organizational management, financial management, program management and organizational sustainability.

After the training The Light of Miracle’s organizational capacity will be further developed in practice though the implementation of the following project in 2018-2019.


The funds for the project is secured through a grant from CISU. The Light of Miracle was registered as an NGO in 2016 and through 2017 Rising Hope have been doing fund raising and preparations for the project. The training will begin after the 1st of February 2018 and continue for 2 months, but the development of The Light of Miracle will continue.