Rising Hope is a charity and volunteer association, established in May 2013, with the aim to develop and support various initiatives that improve foundations for enhancement of livelihoods for marginalized groups of people around the world. In 2012 Stine Andersen was in Zanzibar, Tanzania volunteering at a number of different rehabilitation centers for drug addicts. Here, she experienced, that while there were many rehabilitation centers and aftercare projects for men, the options for treatment for women were almost nonexistent. This experience sparked the beginning of Rising Hope and since then we have been working to enhance the conditions for female drug addicts in Tanzania, before, during and after treatment.

Rising Hope is working with a network of former female drug addicts in Tanzania who have been involved in the whole process, and the projects could not have been realized without them. Rising Hope is working from a bottom-up approach because we believe that the desire for change has to come from the people themselves. Rising Hope believes that this approach ensures the sustainability of the projects. Rising Hope strives to be close to the projects and to the people affected. The distance between the donors, board of directors, and the people we help is minimal. This creates closeness and cohesion, which also contribute to the sustainability of the projects.




We wish to create sustainable opportunities for those who have none


We wish to ensure the rights of marginalized groups of people, to generate societies without discrimination


We wish to empower marginalized groups of people so that they themselves can improve their living conditions


Women’s Hope Workshop

Women’s Hope is a workshop for former drug addicts where they can get training in different kind of crafts and thereafter sell their items. This in turn helps them to secure their dignity and provide them with a livelihood for themselves and their children.


Organization of the local project group and examination of the political environment

The aim of this project is to develop the capacity of the local project group in Tanzania, consisting of former female drug addicts. The aim of the capacity building is to enable the women to manage future Rising Hope projects in Tanzania themselves.


Organizational capacity building of partner in Tanzania

Our local partner organization The Light of Miracle comprised of former female drug addicts is the first NGO of its kind in Tanzania. With this initiative we aim to develop their capacity and ability to create changes


Treatment and rehabilitation for female drug addicts in Tanzania

The purpose of this project is to improve and expand the opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation for female drug addicts in Tanzania

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The Board of Directors

Meet the volunteers who passionately manage Rising Hope.


Stine Andersen

Stine Andersen

Chairlady and Project Manager – Master of Science in Social Science

Stine is co-founder of Rising Hope. She has been working with drug addiction in Tanzania since 2012 and is project manager for all of Rising Hope’s current projects. Together with Natashia she wrote her Master’s thesis about female drug addicts in Tanzania and their social reality.

Noor Kimolo Ntisi

Noor Kimolo Ntisi

Project manager - Tanzania

Noor has been project manager in Tanzania for Rising Hope projects since July 2013. As part of the board she is involved in all decisions in Rising Hope concerning the projects in Tanzania and is managing director of project implementation. Noor has been working as a volunteer in different treatment centers in Tanzania for three years and was shop manager for Women’s Hope.

Jeppe Damkilde Schmidt

Jeppe Damkilde Schmidt

Vice-Chairman and responsible for CSR and Communication

Jeppe came to know about Rising Hope in 2015 while doing his internship for 12 months in Zanzibar. Since 2017 he has been a volunteer in Rising Hope and is now vice-chairman and responsible for CSR and communication.

Sponsors of Rising Hope


Silkehuset has supported Rising Hope financially and through several donations of materials for the Women’s Hope workshop.

Møllen treatment centre has supported Rising Hope financially and technical through knowledge about addiction and treatment.